HAS Hospitality is committed to establishing itself as the most preffered services provider in the Hospitality Sector. The division achieves this by offering customized Hospitality Centers of Excellence to each of its partners through for sight, integrity, innovation and Heighest quality of Service.

HAS hospitality services was set up in 2004,  and since then has been serving its customers with the highest quality of services. Throughout the journey, we have gained expertise in the operation field, sales, marketing, revenue management, finance and Human Resources to successfully manage a number of Hotels and Hotel Apartments across Dubai.

HAS Hospitality has more than 1100 partners under its management and IVORY GRAND Hotel apartment is one of them. Each unit has a highly skilled proficient team that takes care of the business and the customer in the best possible way. The quality of services match the international and domestic standards.

The spectrum of services each team offers to the Owner are as follows:

  • Interior Design Consultancy Services: For Space-planning and interior finishes during the project development stage.
  • Third-Party Sourcing: To identify and establish specific suppliers/contracts for various functions of Hotel Maintenance and Management.
  • Branding & Corporate Identity: To assist with Hotel name Identification and logo creation which is the basis of building a Corporate Identity for the Hotel or Hotel Apartment.
  • Staffing and Recruitment planning: To source and identify relevant candidates for respective roles, based on the needs of specific Property.
  • Training: For induction and training of staff and ensuring that the highest quality standards of Hotel Management and Maintenance are adhered to.
  • Pre & Post Launch activity: To plan and execute the Soft-Launch activities and thereafter take care of the smooth Management of the Hotel, post opening.
  • Sales & Marketing: For strategic Planning of Marketing activities that include a 360-degree approach to communicating to the relevant target market through Advertising, PR, Events, Promotions, Road Show, Exhibitions, Internet Marketing, and so forth.
The dynamic Hospitality industry is very customer-centric by nature and with a strong focus on service and satisfaction. As the Industry evolves there is an ongoing struggle to raise the bar with every new entrant, but with our strengths in Marketing, Management, and Operations we continue to focus on delivering the best possible experience to our guests. This unending focus around our guests remains and always will be the cornerstone of the Hospitality Group operations.

Rochelle Lobo, GM HAS Hospitality.


Aside from the Hotel Management aspect, the Division has also developed substantial expertise HAS hospitality also holds expertise in identifying, planning, and executing non-management revebuw generating avenues and services like catering, spa consultancy and much more to support its Hotel or Hotel Apartment properties.

Some of the most common value added services that boost performance of Hotel Apartments include:

Restaurant Management: HAS helps in Identifying, designing and setting up of the Restaurant chain that caters to in-house services, dine-in, banquet as well as outdoor catering services.

Banquet Halls: HAS assists in setting up and management of Banquet Halls with the Hotel premises that provide the perfect setting for events like Birthday Parties, Family get-togethers, Corporate Conferences and Training Programs

SPA: HAS provides SPA consulting services and turn-key SPA solutions, Management for Hotel and Hotel Apartment properties.